In the centre of the black-and-white image are only the feet of a young woman who is lying on a blanket on a bed with her legs crossed. The seam of her jeans and her wooly socks are clear, whilst the blanket and the background with a book shelf are blurred. In the top right of the image is the name, Markus Böttner, in orange writing; the album title Friend Of the Family, is at the bottom of the image in white.

Friend Of The Family

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    DK UPC: 872132169043
    ISRC (01): QM4DW1632782
    ISRC (02): QM4DW1632783
    ISRC (03): QM4DW1632784
    ISRC (04): QM4DW1632785
    ISRC (05): QM4DW1632786
    Release date: April 10, 2016


© Markus Böttner 2016

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