In the centre of the black-and-white image are only the feet of a young woman who is lying on a blanket on a bed with her legs crossed. The seam of her jeans and her wooly socks are clear, whilst the blanket and the background with a book shelf are blurred. In the top right of the image is the name, Markus Böttner, in orange writing; the album title Friend Of the Family, is at the bottom of the image in white.

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My massive Thank You goes out to…

Florian Schmitz (, Ronny Rahde, Joy Bausch and Bryan Robson for their invaluable technical advice,

Padraig, Chrissie and Laura for their help with instruments,

and finally to the person without whose enthusiasm and motivation none of this would have happened. Thank you, “Ginger”. 🙂

Song Lyrics

Track 1: I Hope You’ll Love Me Someday

(an Anna Johnson song)

Track 2 and 4: Friend Of The Family

Track 3: No Rules

Track 5: The Time Will Never Be Better