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Petition: Apple, Improve the Accessibility in Garage Band for MacOS

Apple’s striving to include accessibility in mainstream products and make them usable by all customers regardless of talents, sensory or physical restrictions is unparalleled in the industry. This is why Garage Band on the Mac is a very popular tool among blind musicians to create and publish their work.

However, myself and other blind users of Apple’s screenreader ‘VoiceOver’ face one big issue in Garage Band; and this issue has been reported by numerous people on numerous occasions: Automations are not accessible.

What does this mean? I, as a blind musician, am unable to fade-in / fade-out individual tracks, regions or define the fade-duration of the entire project. By implication, as these curves cannot be defined by VoiceOver users, other rising EQ effects and the likes are also inaccessible to us.

Garage Band has these basic features which one can expect from an audio workstation, and they are available to sighted users.
This is solely an issue with Garage Band & VoiceOver.
Thanks for sharing and for your support! If we wake up Apple’s accessibility engineers, you may hear more great music by great blind musicians in the near future! 🙂

You can follow this link to sign and share this petition.

I have also put together a short video clip on my Youtube channel to go with the petition.


Augenmaß ist völlig überbewertet, sagt ein Blinder.

Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass ein späterblindeter Mensch in Sachen räumlicher Vorstellungskraft einem geburtsblinden Menschen gegenüber leicht im Vorteil ist. Ich würde mich über vergleichende Kommentare und Anekdoten hierzu sehr freuen. Mir ist heute morgen wieder einmal aufgefallen, dass ich ohne Sehkraft in den vergangenen Jahren ein paar Treffer gelandet habe, die manche Menschen in meinem sehenden Umfeld in leichtes Stirnrunzeln versetzt haben. Lest hier weiter für ein paar Anekdoten.

Mein liebster #BlindenWitz: Der #Blinde an der Bushaltestelle:

Ein Blinder wartet an der Bushaltestelle, gemeinsam mit einer Großfamilie: Vater, Mutter und ihre 7 Kinder. Der Bus kommt, aber es sind nur 8 Plätze frei. So beschließen der Vater und der Blinde, gemeinsam die paar Haltestellen zu laufen. Nach einer Weile sagt der Vater: “Mann, dieses Geklapper von Ihrem Stock geht mir ganz schön auf die Nerven! Können Sie da nicht mal’n bisschen Gummi an die Spitze machen?” Der Blinde antwortet: “Hätten Sie mal’n bisschen Gummi an Ihre Spitze gemacht, säßen wir jetzt beide im Bus!”

My favourite #blind man’s #joke: the blind guy at the bus stop:

A blind man is waiting at the bus stop together with a big family, father, mother and their 7 children. The bus arrives, but there are only 8 vacant seats. The father and the blind guy decide to walk the few stops. After a while, the man says: “Jesus Christ! That noise from your stick is fierce annoying! Can’t you put a bit of rubber on the tip?” The blind guy replies: “If you had put a bit of rubber on your tip, we’d both be sitting in the bus right now!”

“Have you always been #blind?” – Follow-Up on my previous post

In my previous post I aimed to draw the readers’ attention to some phenomena in speech interaction, namely how to say one thing while meaning quite the opposite. The first example I chose, “I don’t mean to patronise you, but…” opened a door which lead the topic into a different direction. Is it patronising to offer somebody help?
Read more…-—>

My BlindSquare Review

> “What is BlindSquare?”
> BlindSquare is a look-around and positioning app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which has been designed especially for blind people.
> However, it might come in handy for sighted people, too. (More about that later.)
> Please find the link to BlindSquare on the App Store below together with the link to the official website and some useful resources. >
> “How does it work?”
> BlindSquare uses your location and the data from http://www.FourSquare.com to tell you > • where you are,
> • what is around you,
> • upcoming crossroads or junctions,
> • when your location changes, i.e. you walk into a new road and > • the direction in which you are walking. Read the full review…