Eine neue EP ist da!

Es gibt neue Musik! Meine meditativ-romantische EP „Downtime” möchte in verrückten Zeiten der Ungewissheit Euere 21 Minuten der ruhe sein, ein Zufluchtsort für Euere Ohren.

Anstatt nun hier Links zum Album auf allen Plattformen zu posten, möchte ich Euch gern einfach auf meine Musikseite mit den Links zu meinen Profilen bei den üblichen Musikdiensten weiterleiten. Nun braucht Ihr nur noch die Plattform Euerer Wahl auszusuchen; und dort werdet Ihr Downtime dann gleich finden.

Ich hoffe, das Hören bringt Euch ebenso viel Freude wie die Produktion mir gebracht hat.

In the centre of the black-and-white image are only the feet of a young woman who is lying on a blanket on a bed with her legs crossed. The seam of her jeans and her wooly socks are clear, whilst the blanket and the background with a book shelf are blurred. In the top right of the image is the name, Markus Böttner, in orange writing; the album title Friend Of the Family, is at the bottom of the image in white.

EP Preview & Title Track

For those of you who prefer a quick way to access and share information about my album, this post is for you!

All relevant information on streaming, downloads, lyrics, acknowledgements and a free ringtone can be found at MarkusBoettner.net/Music.

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Combining #SkillsBuilding and #WorkLifeBalance with an Album Release

PhotoService cover.001
I released my first EP recently and am accordingly happy and proud. It has been an interesting, exciting journey and a major element in my self-development and a perfect outlet to readjust my focus for other projects which are in the process of completion. Hashtag #PhD. A perfect opportunity!

The EP is called Friend Of The Family; it is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other streaming and download services. You can listen to a short promo preview clip on Youtube, and if and when this has sparked your interest, you can find all streaming and download links, song lyrics and the opportunity to grab a free Friend Of The Family ringtone by clicking here.

Besides my musical development, this production has also been an invaluable experience to develop and put to practice a number of skills which come in handy in working environments, too.

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